What To Do So You Don’t Stink (As Much) On Your First Round This Season

Mar 6, 2018

For most golfers in the Northeast, March is the time when golfers end their hibernation. Returning to the course is reason alone for celebration but other influences – such as nice weather or trying new equipment makes the first round of the season one of the more anticipated of the year.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you tee it up in 2018.

It’s colder than you think

Dress appropriately for the temperature. 45 or 50 degrees may feel like a heat wave after 3 months of winter but remember after summer those temps feel like Antarctica. Don’t be that person who shows up in shorts and golf shirt on the first tee. You may feel warm now, but pneumonia is a killer.

Stretch on the Range

Pretty self-explanatory here. I’m pretty sure not everyone has been stretching and doing Pilates all winter long. Take extra time to stretch and loosen up your back, hamstrings, shoulders, etc. You don’t want to be making an appointment with your chiropractor before the 3rd hole.

Slow and Simple

Think Tempo for your inaugural round. Smooth and steady should be on your mind not hard and fast. Trying to smash a 300-yard drive on the first tee is a good way to ask for first aid on #2.

Remember, You’re Probably Going to Stink

Be happy you’re on the course, breathing the fresh air, playing with your golfing buddies. Don’t get bent out of shape because you’re not putting it right out of the gate. Enjoy the round and don’t get frustrated!

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