Welcome to the 2018 golf season! As we reach the second week of April we haven’t had the best golf weather, but the snow has melted and the course is drying out quite nicely. The staff & I will begin spring cleanup this week, as soil temperatures rise, this will allow us to start different projects.

We are now open and as you head out for your first round of the year, we ask you to be aware that we have begun deep tine aeration on our fairways. This is one of various cultural practices we plan to incorporate in the upcoming months. This process will help develop new growth, reduce compaction from cart traffic, and promote root depth going into our growing season. It is essential we keep carts on path during this time to make sure these areas heal quickly. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this!

The warmer temps at the end of this week will allow us to get out and start maintaining our greens!! We will begin rolling and spiking the putting surface and soon make the first cut of the year. I hope to see everyone on the course soon.

Kevin Haslam
Golf Course Superintendent