I hope everyone is enjoying this great start to our summer golf season. Weather conditions have been excellent for golf, but unfortunately this drought season has really taking a toll on our golf course.
We ask during this time to understand if you see myself or my staff out watering greens to please give us a few minutes to perform our duties.

Above average temperatures lately with temps in the 90’s for multiple days, hand watering (syringing) is key to help cool the plant during the peak time of the day. Transpirational cooling of the plant is important to allow the plant to cool down during the permanent wilting point.

We will be continuing our biweekly grooming of the greens starting next week. We will be verti-cutting and topdressing greens. We apologize and ask for your patients during this process. This process is help ensure better ball roll on your putting surfaces.

I look forward to seeing everyone out on he course, and please continue to help us with fixing ball marks and one more!

Kevin Haslam
Golf Course Superintendent