Top 10 Golf Tips For Women (Part 2)

Apr 27, 2018

As I promised in last week’s post, here are tips 6 through 10 for you ladies looking to enjoy and improve your golf games.

6. Sweep the Ball

This tip is somewhat related to our recommendation to swing “through the ball.”

Longer clubs such as the driver, 3-metal, 5-metal and 7-metal are best hit by sweeping the club head along the ground, collecting the ball in the process.

With mid and long irons, you “hit down,” making contact with the ball slightly before the club. However, with the driver and longer clubs, place the ball slightly forward in the stance, and think about sweeping the ball.

7. Shift Weight to Forward Foot

The golf swing is a balance between creating a solid foundation and allowing a fluid, natural movement that flows from backswing to forward swing naturally and fully.

A common error is to lock the heels to the ground to the point where your body cannot turn through the ball into a nice follow through — often called “hanging back.” At the end of your swing, your thighs will finish very close to each other.

Here is a quick check: there should not be a significant gap between your knees at the end of the swing, and your weight should have shifted to your forward foot, allowing your back foot to rise on the toe.

8. Let It Flow

One reason golf professionals advocate a relaxed swing is that it allows the club to unwind powerfully through the ball, creating that distinctive sound of club head making contact with the ball.

Take relaxed practice rings, concentrating on creating a “whoosh” sound at the bottom of the swing. Stay relaxed and let the club snap through with authority as it makes the sound. This is one of our simplest golf tips for women, but it will help free up your swing and create more dynamic motion through the ball.

9. Loose and Powerful

If you’ve ever felt tired and sore at the end of a golf round, you realized how demanding the game really is. Each of these golf tips for women will be more effective if you make some simple preparations beforehand.

The American Council on Exercise suggests you work on two areas of exercise before setting foot on the course.

First, focus on flexibility by stretching muscles using exercises such as trunk rotation and leg extensions.

Second, employ strength exercises which focus on shoulders, hips, legs and core.
This one-two punch of flexibility and strength will provide better results, allow you to play longer and reduce the potential for injury.

10. Hammer It

A powerful golf swing results from a buildup of tension as the upper body coils over the lower body as well as the release through the wrists and elbows.

To get a better idea of how the wrist unleashes power, grab a hammer and hold it as if you were about to hit a nail. Notice that if you try to raise and lower the hammer with your arm only, it is difficult to make any progress.

On the other hand, if you let your wrist hinge and use the leverage to your advantage, it does not take much effort to pound the nail square into a piece of wood. Likewise, the uncoiling of your wrists and elbows releases the power you stored in your backswing, helping you hit the ball farther and more accurately.

Golf is a great game for improving your health, increasing your focus and mental strength, and enjoying great weather with friends and family.

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