Top 10 Golf Tips For Women (Part 1)

Apr 24, 2018

Hello Ladies! Here are 5 of 10 golf tips for women to help improve faster, eliminate frustrating problems, and enjoy the game more. Next week I’ll lay out the last 5 tips. Hope to see you all on the range!

1. Bend at the Hips

At times, beginning women golfers tend to bend at their knees rather than tilt their body at their hips.

Bending at the knees ruins proper posture and saps the swing of power. Bending at the hips creates an athletic stance that pushes your rear and shoulder blades back, creating room for the swing and enhancing balance.

Bending at the knees tends to force the club into more of an up-and-down action rather than a circular motion around the body.

A similar error is to bend at the waist rather than the hip joints.
Bending at the waist promotes an overly-rounded and bent over back angle, creating a weak foundation that makes it difficult to build a repeating swing.

2. Correct Grip

A good golf swing is built around a correct grip.

Since it is the only contact you have with the club, if the grip is unsound, the swing will begin incorrectly and proceed to get worse as it develops.

A correct grip starts with standing with your hands and arms hanging loosely and naturally.
Without changing the angle or position of your hands, place the golf club in your left hand, making sure the clubface is square to your target line.

The club will run in a diagonal line across the fingers, and the butt will end up on the bottom portion of your heel pad.

A common error is to hold the club in the palm of the hand. In reality, a golf club lies in the fingers. Looking down, you should be able to see the knuckles of your left middle and index fingers. If you see four knuckles, your hand is turned too far to the right, and if you only see one knuckle, it is turned too far to the left.

Take your right hand, and wrap it around the club, placing the pad over your left thumb. You’ll notice two Vs in between your index finger and thumb on each hand. They should point slightly inside your right shoulder.

3. Swing Through the Ball

While hitting the ball cleanly, crisply and powerfully is your ultimate goal, it should not be how you think about your swing.

Your swing should remain relaxed, fluid, and focusing too much on hitting the ball itself will create an awkward, hurried effort and a herky-jerky result.

A telltale sign is if you take the club back slowly and surely, only to jerk it down from the top of your swing and slap at the ball haphazardly.

Instead, think about the idea of “hitting the ball with your practice swing.” Admittedly, it takes some practice to make this mental shift. However, once you can hit through the ball using the same relaxed approach you use in your practice swing, the ball will take care of itself. It will jump off the club with velocity and accuracy.

4. Room for Power

Accuracy and strategy are equally important when attempting to shoot low scores and improve your handicap. However, power does play a big role in the game, and let’s face it, it’s a lot of fun.

To set up properly to hit the ball far, you need to create room for your body to torque properly and unwind through the ball with authority. To do this with your driver, for example, create a wide stance with the ball positioned slightly forward. Place 60 to 65 percent of your weight on your rear foot, with your head and upper torso tilted slightly back.

With a relaxed stance, hold the driver and allow approximately the space of one open hand between your body and the butt of the club.

5. Increase Resistance

Power in the golf swing comes from creating tension between your upper and lower body, and unwinding that force gradually and smoothly. You can gain yardage by increasing the resistance in your hips.

The higher the degree of angle between your shoulders and hips, the more stored-up power you create.
Renowned golf trainer Jim McLean dubbed this angle “The X Factor.”

Think of how a baseball player holds the bat and almost turns her back to the pitcher. As the ball comes across the plate, her hips begin to unwind well before the shoulders, and the bat comes around last with significant power, almost like a slingshot.

Stay tuned next week for tips 6 through 10!

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