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Driving, chipping, putting…get tips to improve your game here

Three Things You Must Do To Become A Good Putter

There are three “musts” in becoming a good putter: (1) your stroke must follow target line; (2) your putter must remain square to the target line; (3) and your forward stroke must equal (or slightly exceed) your backstroke. The following drill emphasizes...

3 Steps To Longer, Straighter Shots

If you want to drive the ball longer, all you have to do is make the following three key changes to your technique. Follow my advice and you should see increased yardage in no time. Step 1: Tee The Ball In The Right Place This is a big one that I see done...

Heading Down South To Play A Round Or Two This Winter?

I know we're currently getting an arctic blast of wicked cold weather but here's a tip for hitting solid shots around the green and in the scoring zone just in case you can escape south for a round or two. Shorten Your Swing for Solid Shot Making Many...

Quick Winter Tips To Keep In Golf-Ready Shape

Most people don't believe that golf is or can be a physical sport. I admit that golf isn't football, rugby, or the UFC, but it claims its fair share of casualties. Ask Tiger is you don't believe me. He’s been battling golf related injuries for years now....

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