Late-winter Golf Drills To Increase Your Distance This Spring

Feb 20, 2018

Many golfers turn their hips and shoulders simultaneously when swinging a club. Too much lower body rotation eliminates torque between the upper and lower body. Adding more backswing torque to your swing generates distance. This is something that every golfer strives for. Try these tips and watch your driving distance and accuracy improve.

1. Sit down in a chair. Spread your feet out wide and keep them flat on the ground. Hold a 7 or 8 iron out in front of you. Hold the clubhead with one hand and the end of the grip in the other hand. Raise the club over your head and rest the shaft across your neck and shoulders. Turn your shoulders to the right. Hold this position for a few seconds. You should feel a lot of torque along your left side. Then turn your shoulders back and face forward. Relax and repeat.

Many golfers use their hands and arms only when swinging the driver. They don’t rotate their shoulders properly, sapping power from their swing. This drill helps keep your hands, arms, and shoulders in sync as you swing back and through.

2. Lower yourself down to the floor onto your knees. Hold a ball (soccer ball or basketball works perfectly) between your hands and out in front of you. Start by making some small moves swinging the ball back and forth. The idea is to keep the ball in front of your chest as your arms swing and your shoulders rotate. Increase the length of your swing going back and through. As you reach the end of your backswing and forward swing, allow your arms to fold. Swing back and fold your arms. Swing down and unfold them. Swing through and fold them again.

These drills improve control of the three most important clubs in your bag-the driver, the putter, and the wedge. You can do them in your house, office, or your garage. Each focuses on fundamentals you must improve to take your game to the next level.

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