While living in the lakes region certainly has its many perks, there are a few drawbacks. The one that obviously stands out to us the most is the occasional lingering Winter that just won’t seem to go away. This can create great frustration amongst golfers, especially for those of you itching to get out on the course and get your game in shape. Rather than get frustrated at Mother Nature, which does no good anyways, focus on what you can do to be ready when the first tee times become available.

Here is a small list of drills and activities that will help you be in mid-season form when the season begins:

Practice your short game indoors. If you don’t already own some sort of practice indoor putting green than go buy one and start rolling 50-100 putts a day. You use the putter more than any other club, so you’re going to want to spend some time with it before your first round. If you have some thicker rug in the house, grab a plastic cup and work on those wedges for around the green. These two drills alone can save multiple strokes per round for you.

Engulf yourself in golf. You’ve seen the t-shirt; eat, sleep, golf, repeat. That’s where you need to be. Watch the pro tours on television as often as you can, read Golf Digest and other publications, go back and watch Caddyshack, Tin Cup, or Happy Gilmore again (depending on your taste) and so on and so on, you get the idea. Surround yourself with all things golf, this can have a tremendous impact on your mental aptitude and focus entering the season.

Visit the driving range. Of course, everything mentioned can and will help you get ready, but nothing can take the place of actually swinging the sticks. Our range is open, and there is honestly just no substitute for hitting a golf ball and working out any kinks in your swing. If you want to take it up a notch, book a lesson with one of our Pros! The Ridgewood Aquatic driving range is open, and is not only a great practice facility, but a unique range that everyone should visit if given the chance. So after you’ve drained a few putts, read some handicap-appropriate swing tips, and re-watched Shooter McGavin blow a 4 stroke lead on the back 9, come down and hit a bucket or two.

The 2019 golf season is right around the corner here at Ridgewood. We’ve been working very hard to be ready for you, will you be ready when the flags are put out and we get to start-up the carts? Follow these few simple tips and your chances will greatly improve. See you soon!