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Thank you Life Bridge for a wonderful outing.

Life Bridge Results


Thank you Guys for a great day of golf at Pease Golf Club.

I really enjoy taking my members with me to play in Pro Am Events.

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Thank you Rembis Outing for a great event!



Pro Tip

Do some research before you practice.  A little bit of time studying what to work on before you work on it can be key!


Swing smoothly to finish.  Hitting your ball to hard forces errors and holding your finish balanced will keep you on the straight and narrow.


Starting out in the season as golfers we need to remain patient and not put a great deal of presure on our game.

Come out with the view point of a smooth vs. hard swing, and our golf game will return more quickly.


Course Tips:

Thank you all for adhering to our new cart use and driving habits.  By keeping our carts on the path near the tees and greens, driving in the fairway and not straight down the rough, we will see the turf conditions continue to improve!  

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